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  2. Matcha, a Global phenomenon, A hit by Aiya

    AIYA CO., LTD. Founded in 1888, it supplies our Matcha and other tea products to companies in the food, beverage, spice, medicinal and health industries in Japan and globally.
    Widely recognized as the No.1 Matcha producer in Japan, it was the first Matcha tea manufacturer to obtain all of the following certifications: ISO9002, Japanese Agricultural Standard, Organic Crop Improvement Association, Institute for Marketecology, IMO certified organic of EU. It has also been certified both of Kosher and Halal. http://www.matcha.co.jp/

    Matcha devotion, Spreading Matcha culture worldwide!

    AIYA America Founded in New York, later relocated Los Angeles. Responsible for sales, promotion and related functions in spreading Matcha and tea products across the Americas. Its clients include many world leaders in the food and retailing industries. http://aiya-america.com/

    AIYA Europe GmbH Founded in Austria, now based in Hamburg, Germany. Responsible for promoting Matcha, tea sets, and other tea products across Europe. Introduces Matcha culture to Europe, and exposes oriental culture to European people.http://www.aiya-europe.com/en

    AIYA Thailand Founded in Bangkok Thailand in 2017. Engaged in Matcha Business of Thailand and other Southeast Asia countries.http://www.aiya-thailand.co.th

    Aiya, spreading safe, healthy, delicious tea around the world!